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Arashiyama, Green

Arashiyama, Green

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Arashiyama, Green

Brand: Sandberg

Made in Sweden

Arashiyama is a wall mural inspired by the magnificent forest of bamboo outside Tokyo. It is a place like from another world where bamboo reaches high up to the sky. Its pure simplicity has clung to the memory and become an airy, lightweight pattern for you to cover the walls in your room.

product code : 645-06

Colours : Green,  White
product Type: Wall Mural

Pattern Match: Panel Numbers from Left to right

Material: Non Woven

Each of our wallpapers is expertly crafted using high-quality non-woven material. The end result is a beautifully textured and visually appealing addition to your walls.

NOTE: Highly recommended to add 6cm both side to allow cutting and easy for installation. 

Application: Paste the Wall
Easy to hang


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