Wallpaper Installation

Wallpaper or Mural installation is very interesting thing to do by yourself. Wallpapering yourself is depending on our skills. DIY Please follow instructions provided with the product label as there may be different method.

Hanging non-woven wallpapers

1.For non-woven wallpapers, we recommend wallpapering with the adhesive wall technique.
Before pasting, you should mark the straight course of the first strip with a light, dashed starting line.

2.With the wall pasting technique, the paste is first applied generously to the wall with a roller and brush - and only for one panel at a time so that the paste does not dry out. It can little extra pasted towards next panel, so that there is some play for the next Panel.

3. Now you can apply the wallpaper with a little overhang from top to bottom and press it firmly with your hands. Orientate yourself flush with the attachment line.

4. Using the press-on spatula, press the wallpaper firmly onto the wall from top to bottom and then centrally to the right and left. 5. Finally, cut off the overhang using a cutter knife and the press-on spatula as a cutting aid.

Hanging wallpaper is that easy!