Frequently Asked Questions

1What forms of payment does crystalwallpapers accept?

Crystal Wallpapers accepts Paypal, debit card and credit cards.

2Is my payment secure?

Crystal wallpapers uses SSL encryption technology to scramble your sensitive data and provide maximum security over the internet.

3What is the cost of delivery?

Crystal wallpapers delivery is Free on any order size. For New Zealand Cost of delivery is $35.

4Do you allow delivery to an address other than my own?

Yes, you can select an alternative delivery address.

5How long does delivery take?

Product will be shipped in 24 Hours accept weekends and Public Holidays. from 5 business day to 21 business day Australia wide. if the product not received in time frame please contact.

6What is sample size of wallpaper?

Sample is highly recommended buy before buying wallpaper roll. Sample size may very in size, sample may not cover whole pattern of wallpaper. sample is to check the Quality of wallpaper and colour combination.

7Do i need wallpaper installer?

Wallpaper installation is completely depend person to person how confident they are? For non woven past wall the wall application is very easy to DIY. Vinyl, Grass cloth, Seagrass, Fabrics, Murals material is required lot of care and installation application are quite different. but we highly recommend use Professional Installer for the quality result.

8Do i need wallpaper Adhesive?

yes, but we don't stock wallpaper adhesive, wallpaper adhesive can u purchased from local Pain shop. or any other resources.

9Will my parcel be charged customs and import charges?

We do not offer International shipping

9How many wallpaper rolls do i need?

Standard wallpaper roll size is 0.53cm wide x 10m long. For Mural we have options to entre custom size to fit on wall. to avoid have shortage or too many rolls ordering please contact us with size of wall we will guide for purchase quantity.

10Can we purchase product using any other method?payment?

Yes Definitely, those who don't use credit card or PayPal. Please contact us with requirement we can provide bank transfer detail via email. and we can provide invoice detail as well.